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Thailand's top 4x4 Pickup Truck Dealer, Australia's, Singapore's, Dubai's and United Kingdom's exporter importer of RHD LHD New and Used Pickup Trucks, SUVs Toyota Hilux Revo, Toyota Vigo Hilux, Toyota Fortuner, L200 Triton, and Nissan Navara and 4 to 51 ton Commercial Trucks and Buses as Mitsubishi Fuso, Nissan UD, Isuzu and Hino and all kinds of cars, vans, trucks, buses and machinery

2017 2018 Toyota Hilux Revo, 2016, 2017 Toyota Vigo Hilux Champ 4x4 pickup truck and new 2016, 2017 Toyota Fortuner 4x4 SUV now available at Dan 4x4 Thailand - Part of Jack Group of Companies - Thailand's, Singapore's, Dubai's and United Kingdom's Largest 4x4 Diesel Pickup Diesel SUV, Light-Duty, Medium-Duty and Heavy-Duty 4 Wheel, 6 Wheel and 10 Wheel Commercial Trucks and Product Commodities exporters of 4x4 pickups and SUVs and commodities

new 2016, 2017 minor change toyota hilux vigo available now at dan 4x4If you are looking for new model new 2016, 2017 Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ 4x4 pickup truck or new 2016, 2017 Ford Ranger, an email at [email protected] connects you to not only Thaliand's top Vigo Hilux pickup truck dealer Dan Thailand 4x4 and Jack 4x4 but also our partner  Jim Group companies as Jim Autos Thailand, their 4x4 division Jim 4x4 Thailand and our worldwide branches in Singapore, Dubai, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. Jack and Jim are collectively world's largest supplier of not only brand new diesel 4x2 and 4x4 pickups, utes, bakkies, SUTs and SUVs as  Toyota Hilux Vigo, Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Triton Nissan Navara, Chevrolet Colorado, Nissan Frontier,  Isuzu DMax, Isuzu MU-7, Mazda BT-50 and Ford Ranger but also full range of luxury vehicles, MPVs, vans, trucks, buses and machinery. We also provide other Thailand-made quality Japanese and American vehicles as Toyota Yaris, Toyota Corolla Altis, Toyota Avanza, and Honda CRV among others. We are also Thailand's top exporter of light duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty commercial trucks as Mitsubishi Fuso. Jack 4x4 works with non-profit organizations all over the world. Our sister companies also engage in export of commodities, textiles and finished goods out of Thailand and Myanmar (Burma).

Thailand's and Singapore's Largest 4x4 pickup truck 4x4 SUV exporter, importer, dealer of Toyota Hilux Vigo, Toyota Fortuner, Nissan Navara, Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi L200 Triton, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Dan is a family-owned and family-operated dealership group and exporter. Our story began in 1911 when the Patriarch of the family M. A. Quraishi established Asia's first dealership outside Japan. He was a true automobile pioneer and no auto history of Asia  is complete without a mention of his contributions. He established his business on four principles of customer service, honesty, high quality and low price and Dan like other Quraishi-owned businesses continue to abide by these principles.

Jack is not only involved in export of 4x4 vehicles but also other businessesIf you are searching for an auto exporter that you can trust, look no further. Our owners, Dan and Jim Quraishi demand the highest level of satisfaction, and we have perfected our craft over the last 9 decades in the automotive industry. Our goal is to make your transaction both entertaining, and possibly enlightening. Hopefully our customer-needs driven, low pressure approach will surprise you. Request a price quote today at [email protected], and keep in mind that there are absolutely no Hidden Charges here. The price we agree on is the price you'll pay. since 1911, we have held ourselves to the highest degree of honesty and integrity. We are committed to providing highest quality vehicles at lowest price in town with exemplary customer service and greatest of speed. Those standards mean everything to us, and the success of your business. We are convinced that success of our business is tied to the success of our customers business and we have been proven aright and we have grown as our customers have grown. We provide the best automotive purchase experience in Asia, hands down. Get started today, by requesting your price quote now, and your vehicle could be on its way in as little as 3 working days.

customer service is a firm commitmentWhen we are talking about customer service, the old saying, "Talk is cheap" is quite appropriate. Because everyone talks the talk but few walk the walk. Dan's dedication to customer service is absolute and all our strategic alliances are geared to improve our customer service ceaselessly. Customer service has been incorporated in our culture and practices and is inculcated in our staff. Our staff is empowered to simplify our customers lives and to provide solutions.

Even though we are world's largest suppliers of 4x2 and 4x4 vehicles and are continually striving for expansion Dan and Dan remain family-run businesses with the emphasis on maintaining excellent customer service. Whether they are old or new, all of our customers receive the same friendly, personal, one-to-one service we are famous for.

In 2011, all Jack Group and Jim Group companies celebrated our Century of Service with great fanfare. The happy 100th Birthday Bash renewed our commitment to Customer Service and our resolve to simplify our customers lives and contributing to their long-term success.

Dan is not restricted to auto trading but is engaged in electronics, garments, fisheries, real estate and other businesses of our parent Jack Group of Companies. Yet cars are our passion. Even though Jim Autos is miles ahead of us in terms of volume and numbers of customers, Dan has established itself in certain markets and customers come looking for Jack badge. Please email us now at [email protected] to get your next Toyota 4x4.

new 2016, 2017 Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ available now at Jim Autos Thailandnew 2016, 2017 model Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ and new 2016, 2017 Toyota Fortuner minor change model have been released and they were worth the wait. The updated Hilux Vigo pickup has been named the Hilux Vigo Champ and features proprietary technology that improves the precision of fuel injection in all driving conditions. The new 2016, 2017 Toyota Fortuner features a new diesel commonrail engine.

It is a significant "minor" change with an exciting new front look and a revamped interior to reinforce its luxuriousness. With the exception of doors, roofs and tailgates, everything else is new: new guards, new headlights, new bumper, new bonnet, new three-bar grille, new tailights and a new rear bumper. There’s also new mirrors and alloy wheel designs.

The front of the Hilux new 2016, 2017 is entirely redesigned from the A pillar forwards, with a new bonnet, radiator grille, headlamps and front bumper. The vehicle profile is further enhanced by newly designed front and rear wings, redesigned 15" and 17" steel and alloy wheels, and new door mirrors. The interior features a new upper dashboard design in which a new, horizontal centre instrument cluster shows off the breadth and roominess of the cabin. Orders are poring in. Perceived quality has been improved through the adoption of uniformly darker finishes with a greater colour consistency throughout the interior.

Brand new 2016, 2017 2011 Toyota Hilux Vigo 4x4 Pickup Truck has the following features:


new 2016, 2017 Toyota Hilux Vigo 4x4 Pickup Truck New Features in Exterior
new 2016, 2017 Toyota Hilux Vigo comes with new bold grill and bumper 2102 Toyota Hilux Vigo comes with a bigger vent 2102 Toyota Hilux Vigo comes with Halogen headlights 2102 Toyota Hilux Vigo comes with new Tail Lights

New Landcruiser like Grill

Bold Wider Vent

New Halogen Headlights

New Tail Lights

new 2016, 2017 Toyota Hilux Vigo comes with side view mirror with indicator 2102 Toyota Hilux Vigo comes with streamlined Aerial 2102 Toyota Hilux Vigo comes with Jam protection 2102 Toyota Hilux Vigo comes with new rims

Side Mirror with Indicator

Streamlined Aerial

Jam Protection in Power Windows

New Rim Style

new 2016, 2017 Toyota Hilux Vigo New Features in Vehicle Interior
new 2016, 2017 Toyota Hilux Vigo comes with new Fortuner Steering 2102 Toyota Hilux Vigo comes with new beautifully styled gear 2102 Toyota Hilux Vigo comes with New Stye of Optitron Meter 2102 Toyota Hilux Vigo comes with Cruise Control

New Fortuner Steering with Controls

Beautiful Gears

New Optitron Meter

Cruise Control

new 2016, 2017 Toyota Hilux Vigo comes with Touch Screen 2102 Toyota Hilux Vigo comes with Bluetooth 2102 Toyota Hilux Vigo comes with USB AUX ports 2102 Toyota Hilux Vigo comes puts all information at your fingertips

Touch Screen 2 DIN CD DVD/CD/MP3/WMA

Bluetooth Connectivity

New USB AUX Connection

All Information At your Fingetips

new 2016, 2017 Toyota Hilux Vigo comes with Power Seats 2102 Toyota Hilux Vigo comes with retractable Seats

Power Seat

Retractable Seat

new 2016, 2017 Toyota Hilux Vigo Colors
new 2016, 2017 Toyota Vigo Hilux available in Black Mica new 2016, 2017 Toyota Vigo Hilux Champ in Silver Metallic new 2016, 2017 Toyota Hilux Vigo in new Silky Gold Color

new 2016, 2017 Vigo in Black

new 2016, 2017 Vigo in Silver

newnew 2016, 2017 Toyota Vigo in Silky Gold

new 2016, 2017 Toyota Vigo picture coming soon  new 2016, 2017 Toyota Vigo picture coming soon  new 2016, 2017 Toyota Vigo picture coming soon 

new 2016, 2017 Vigo in Super White II

new 2016, 2017 Vigo in Dark Grey Mica

newnew 2016, 2017 Toyota Vigo in Dark Steel Mica

2011 new 2016, 2017 2013 Toyota Fortuner available nownew 2016, 2017 Toyota Fortuner has also been released. The front end is where a lot has changed including the grille, the headlamps and the bumper. The rear end has also undergone a makeover and so has been the interior.

The new 2011 new 2016, 2017 2013 Toyota Fortuner now looks more bolder than the earlier version especially with the huge chrome grille with horizontal slats. The headlights get new projector lamps alongside conventional lights. The fog lamp housing has also been redesigned along with the front bumper which gets a scuff plate as well. The old Fortuner looked bulbous from the front which is not the case with the new model.

The new 2016, 2017 Fortuner retains the bold front end look with the lower side of the front fascia now being more flatter than the old SUV. Toyota has also got rid of the side cladding and replaced it with a nice muscular element. In profile the car is instantly recognizable though. At the rear, a redesigned bumper has been added and so has been a new tail lamp cluster. The new clear lense tail lights get an integrated, circular brake lamp as opposed to a rectangular one on the outgoing model.

Used 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 models are in short supply but available and selling briskly. Brand new new 2016, 2017 Toyota Hilux Vigo and new 2016, 2017 Toyota Fortuner as well as Used minor change 2011 2010 2009 Toyota Hilux Vigo and used minor change 2011 2010 2009 2008 Toyota Fortuner and used Original 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 Toyota Hilux Vigo and 2005 2006 2007 2008 Toyota Fortuner are available now. While 2009 Toyota Hilux Vigo and 2009 Toyota Fortuner were minor change models, 2011 2010 Toyota Hilux Vigo and 2011 2010 Toyota Fortuner were minimal change models and with significant minor change new 2016, 2017 model have arrived.

Toyota new 2016, 2017 minor change Vigo and new 2016, 2017 minor change new 2016, 2017 Fortuner model has many aesthetic and mechanical changes. Exterior changed with a new grill, new prominent headlights that reminds one of Landcruiser, new sleek lines. Bumpers, hood and side straps are all new. There are also interior design and materials changes on the dashboard and instruments. There are also some performance improvements. Until Toyota releases major change Toyota Hilux Vigo in 2014 this new 2016, 2017 Vigo is a great addition to Toyota Vigo lineup.

Thailand and Dubai largest exporter of Commercial trucks: light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks. Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Trucks, cab, chassis, engine, body types and genuine Mitsubishi Parts. Nissan UD light, medium and heavy duty trucks, Hino Mega and Isuzu commercial trucks and buses

mitsubishi fuso canter thailand truck exporter dealerMitsubishi Fuso Canter is our best selling large truck and is one of the most reliable trucks around. Whether you choose a 3.5 tons Mitsubishi Fuso FE Canter, 5.7 tons FE, 6.5 ton FE, 8.4 tons FE, 15 tons FM, 25 tons FN, or 50.5 tons FV Canter, its great manoeuvrability, tough chassis and a wide variety of bodies makes it the perfect choice for whatever job you take on. we have a range of chassis, cabs and engines to suit every conceivable load type, each of which can be married to wide choice of body solutions specifically designed around your business requirements. We offer not only cab and chassis and a selection of bodies but also genuine parts.

Whether you are looking for Mitsubishi Fuso FE71BB8SRDH1, Mitsubishi Fuso FE73BE6SRDH1, Mitsubishi Fuso FE84DE6SRDH1, Mitsubishi Fuso FE85DE7SRDH1, Mitsubishi Fuso FE85DG7SRDH1, Mitsubishi Fuso FM65F F1RDH1, Mitsubishi Fuso FM65F H1RDH1, Mitsubishi Fuso FM65F M1RDH1, Mitsubishi Fuso FN61FR2RDH1, Mitsubishi Fuso FN62FM1RDH1, Mitsubishi Fuso FN62FM2RDH1 and Mitsubishi Fuso FV51JHR3RDHA, Dan 4x4 Thailand is your choice. You can get just the cab and chassis or get a custom body built. We can install all body types including dump trucks, tow trucks, freight trucks, moving trucks, landscaping trucks, contractors truck, 4x4 trucks, beverage trucks, stakebed trucks, refrigerated trucks. We offer discounted Mitsubishi Fuso truck parts and discounted UD truck parts direct shiped to anywhere.

We also offer Nissan UD Light-Duty, Medium-Duty and Heavy-duty trucks. Across all models, Nissan UD trucks offer an excellent combination of innovative design, power, performance and value.

Mitsubishi Fuso delivery trucks are dependable, earning their reputation for reliability in demanding applications such as refrigerated transport, towing or beverage delivery. Mitsubishi Fuso trucks are also versatile – accommodating many unique body styles. Modern styling, a very spacious and well-equipped cab, a diversified model range with a large number of product variants, economical, reliable and robust technology, new safety features and extensive - the new generation of the Mitsubishi Fuso Canter truck has a great deal going for it. Bottom line, no matter what business you’re in, there’s a Mitsubishi Fuso commercial truck precisely engineered for the task you have in mind, and a dedicated dealership ready to provide it to you.




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